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741 W. First St. Tustin, CA 92780

 Laura Weatherford, DVM

Dr. Laura (as she prefers to be called) graduated from UC Davis Veterinary School in 1994 and practiced for the first 3 years in a busy 24 hour hospital. For the next 8 years she worked as a relief vet giving other doctors days off.   She joined Tustin Santa Ana Vet Hospital in January 2005.  She is active in the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and is currently starting her second 3 year term on the Board of Trustees and is the current Vice President of the board.  She attends many local continuing education events Dr. Laura has 1 Jack Russell - Chloe and way too many cats!   Her oldest cat Sherlock is over 22 years!  Her favorite past times are reading, travel and photography.

Leslie Healis, DVM  (picture coming soon)
Dr. Leslie Healis is a 2015 Western University Health Science, College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate. With a love of animals, passion for science and conservation, Leslie’s career in veterinary medicine seemed to come naturally. She attended California State University Long Beach achieving both a B.A. in Psychology, and a B.S. in Biology, option; Zoology. While attending CSULB, Leslie started work at the Tustin Santa Ana Veterinary Hospital in the beginning of 2008; she began working as a receptionist, then a technician, as a Lead Technician and Office Manager and has since been added to the team as an Associate in June 2015. Her Psychology degree from CSULB and her education from WesternU have furthered her belief in the importance of client education through effective communication. Leslie was the first SCVMA representative to WesternU in her third year of veterinary school. Her interests include feline medicine, internal medicine, education, exotics/zoo/wildlife, and surgery. In her free time, Leslie enjoys spending time with her pets; two dogs Omni, Butters, and her two cats Oli, and Tink; friends, and family, as well as hiking, painting, reading, and spending time at the beach.

Veterinary Technician
Has just completed his Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) training at Heritage College.  He plans on specializing in dentistry.  When not at the hospital he spends time with his dog Cookie, Cat Will, 2 guinea Pigs and a Rabbit.  His hobbies include working out and collecting movies.  

Ligia:  Veterinary Technician / Receptionist
Has worked at Tustin Santa Ana for the last 6 years.  She has just completed her training to be an RVT at Heritage College.  Her hobbies include reading and taking naps with her 3 cats and going to the dog beach with her Labradoodle Arya

Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant
Has been with us for 5 years.  When she’s not working she loves to go on hikes and go to the beach with her 2 dogs. and spending as much time as possible with her cat Mocha

Veterinary Assistant
Has just recently gotten into the animal business, his first animal related job was at a local  boarding facility.  He is studying to become an RVT and was hired shortly after doing an internship with us. He is happy to be working somewhere with people who are as passionate about animals  as he is.  Ryan a dog person and has been ever since he was a munchkin.   He remembers when he was four looking straight up at his aunt's great dane and bossing him around!  He thinks his four year old self would be proud of where he is now.

Anthony: Picture and Bio coming soon

Veterinary Assistant
Originally from Las Vegas, Dense is the newest addition to the team.  She is currently attending school to become an RVT.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with her 5 pets, Including Marley a 3 foot Ball Python.


Veterinary Assistant
Veronica has been a veterinary technician for 8 years and has been with the Tustin Santa Ana Veterinary Hospital since November of 2007.  She has a special place in her heart for chihuahuas and pitties.  Veronica shares her home with her son, 3 dogs (Chicken, Anikan and Chica) and 2 cats (Isabella and Lovey).  

Hospital Cats:

Igor:  Our Ambassador.  Igor came to us when he was 2 weeks old.  He had an abscessed eye.  Our employees took care of him - taking him home and feeding and treating him until he grew up and got healthy.  We had to remove his eye when we neutered him.  We couldn't bear to give him away.  He has known no other home.  He loves everyone - kids, dogs, cats and all people.

Tarzan:  was dumped at TSAVH as a kitten.  When we we set to neuter him and find him a home we discovered that he has a hole in his heart.  Diagnosed with a Ventricular Septal Defect we didn’t know how long he would live.  So we kept him - and he and Igor are best friends!

Scarlet:  The first kitten / cat that Static accepted and let share his food / cage in the hospital.  She’s sweet and quiet.  Not as outgoing as some of the others.  Loves her Catnip though!  Don’t leave your cat carrier open - she will walk right in and settle down for a nap!